Ron Carúpano celebrates its arrival in the United Kingdom!

2023 has been a year of major steps for our brand in its conquest of international markets. Through a new commercial alliance with FRIARWOOD FINE WINES, we continue our global growth project that allows us to expand our horizons and now bring our portfolio of super-premium rums to the #UnitedKingdom in northeastern Europe, one of the three largest rum markets in the world.

Friarwood, an independent distributor of high-end wines, has graced the UK market with unparalleled excellence for over 50 years, and today, leveraging on their profound market acumen, they embark on a new journey: venturing into spirits and setting the stage for an era of unmatched excellence alongside our entire commercial portfolio, which will be present in important cities such as London and Manchester.

We are proud to continue delighting more palates worldwide with our portfolio of rums. At Ron Carúpano, we are committed to elevating Venezuelan rum, honoring the flavor and quality that has characterized us for over 260 years of history and that has earned us recognition as the #BestRumintheWorld.

Let's raise our glasses and toast to our arrival in the UK!

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