Ron Carúpano 18

Category: Super- Premium
Presentation: Bottle of 0,75 liters
This is a 40º G.L. extra- aged rum matured at length in sealed white American oak barrels with special reserves up to 18 years of aging and no replacement of Angel’s Share.

Tasting Notes

It has a beautiful amber color with golden bright sparkles. Delicate on the nose with aromas of candied fruits and moderate notes of wood and honey. Opens vigorously, with a firm and balanced body. Pleasurable permanence in palate, finishing with a prolonged dissipation of flavor of figs and chocolate

Serving Suggestion

To better appreciate its aroma drink in a short glass, on the rocks




• 2 oz Ron Añejo Carúpano Reserva 18 Limitada
• Angostura Bitter
• Smoked spices (coffee, pepper, oregano and others)
• Tangerine peel


Pour a single Angostura Bitter drop in the glass to prepare it. Choose your preferred spices and set them alight on a flame resistant surface. Once it starts to burn, turn your glass upside down and cover the flame so that it is filled with the smoke. Turn the glass over, add a single ice cube and pour your Ron Añejo Carúpano Reserva 18 Limitada. A tangerine peel will be the final touch to Elevate the Occasion.