Ron Carúpano sets the tone for more women to lead in the rum industry

50% of management positions are held by women

Caracas, marzo 2023. For Ron Carúpano the commitment with women leadership is paramount. Historically, the venezuelan premium rum brand has been committed to female leadership in core positions to the business, this belief is transferred to various areas of the company, from production processes, quality and senior management positions.

Today, 42% of the brand's workforce is composed by women, having a presence in all areas of the business, a valuable number at an institutional level, which raises the recognition of this company by promoting employment opportunities without distinction.

Leadership and Legacy Elevated to Another Level

In Ron Carúpano 50% of its directive and managerial positions are held by women. They sit on the table demonstrating with their skills the ability to create, manage and develop far reaching projects.

Ron Carúpano is honored to have within its team the first certified Rum Master Blender in Venezuela and member of the Controlled Designation of Origin’s Council Board. This impetuous woman named Carmen López de Bastidas, who more than three decades ago broke into a territory historically led by men, paving the territory for more women to lead in the rum industry.

Besides believing in leadership, Ron Carúpano also encourages the formation of new generations, Analia Márquez reached in 2023 the position of Junior Rum Master Blender, she represents the new generation responsible for continuing the legacy of the Best Rum In The World.

In the Destilería Carúpano’s facilities, half of the leadership positions are held by women, and many of these positions are of great importance in the rum production process. Juana Blanco, as Head of Cooperage, directs the processes of barrel treatment, assembly and prepation. She is the first woman in the history of Ron Carúpano to hold this position.

Throughout the years, the brand positioning, expansion, and growth strategy has been under the tutelage of a team made up almost entirely of women. Two women are currently at the helm of marketing strategies for Venezuela and global markets

Lucía Alliegro, the brand's Global Marketing Director, leads the globalization of the brand in international markets and is responsible for raising the name of Ron Carúpano to the most demanding palates in the world.

María Corina Salas, Venezuela Marketing Manager, leads the brand's expansion and innovation strategies in Venezuela and is responsible for making more Venezuelans fall in love with the Best Rum in the World.

Committed to growth

Women continue to gain in territories that historically have been dominated by men, one of those territories is that of sommeliers, whose work and importance are focused on advising diners on the best marriages for wines and spirits. Currently in Venezuela, 75% of this profession is practiced by women.

For more than five years, Mayerlin Camacho has been the main sommelier of Ron Carúpano and the creator of the perfect pairings that enhance the brand's commercial portfolio.

We are proud that behind the best rum in the world there is such a valuable group of exceptional women, who day after day are the proof of their dedication, devotion and unique essence in each of the processes that take place in Ron Carúpano. Today we toast with a glass of Ron Carúpano Legendario on the rocks for each and every one of this Legendary women.

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