Destilería Carúpano, is located in the fertile and steamy Hacienda Altamira within the Carúpano Valley in Macarapana. Hacienda Altamira could be the paradigm of the 250-year history of Carúpano’s rum; founded in 1762 by the Spanish Captain Félix del Fierro, its idiosyncrasies show much of the cycles that mark the history of Old Carúpano rum, from its foundation, passing through the pioneers to the present.
It is precisely at the Hacienda Altamira where the aging process is experienced for the first time, when the spirits produced and not marketed were stored in barrels imported from Europe that had originally contained wines, hence the name of Old rum, for a product that required a careful and delicate conception, more typical of liquor artistry than of the simple technique of a good distillation.
Destilería Carúpano, as heir and reservoir of those deep and important traditions, selects higher spirits exclusively and only uses the purest water from its own fertile springs that have, for over two centuries, guaranteed a continuous supply of extraordinarily clean water to the property. The American white oak barrels increase the rum’s complexity, strengthen its fragrance and delicacy, create astringency, help to infuse color and incorporate other flavors originated by the previous use of the barrel to age Bourbon.
The remaining percentage of the nature of our rums is subject to other factors also involved in the aging process, such as the condition and history of each barrel; the design of the warehouses where the barrels rest and how they are placed; the geographical location of these storehouses; the special microclimate that develops in the valley where the Hacienda Altamira is located, where the cane distillate matures and finally, the length of time it is aged for.
From all of the above we can conclude the absolute importance of the barrel in the character and ultimate quality of the rum, and thus, we appreciate the undeniable truth in stating that “cane alcohol, water, wood, time and our rum masters make up Ron Carúpano”.
In the same way, the great reputation of our products has been achieved by a traditional method of elaboration and balancing together the experience of 250 years of our rum with the knowledge of the most current sensory analysis technique of the Master Blender in the company.
Those are essential elements for the success of the entire process. In the course of elaboration, artistically mixing aged rums in a delicate balancing act with extensively aged rums from sealed American white oak barrels without replacement of the evaporated alcohol, all together with Mothers of Limited Reserves of up to 25 years of aging, to ensure the highest quality, its unmistakable consistency, flavor, aroma and style.