From the very beginning, Ron Carúpano has been recognized for its superior quality and the unique profiles of its rums. This recognition has come hand in hand with awards received by Ron Carúpano in prestigious Conferences of distilled liquors worldwide, within which are: International Congress of Madrid, San Francisco World Spirits,TAG Global Spirits Awards, Rum and Cachaca Masters, The Fifty Best, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and the London Spirits Competition. From 2004, Ron Carúpano has been awarded with more than 60 medals including:


The leading award in the food and beverages industry in Venezuela bestowing great prestige upon its recipients. The famous “Tenedor de Oro”, is a prize that represents great prestige in Venezuela. However, “El Gran Tenedor de Oro” is the highest recognition granted in the country by the Academia Venezolana de Gastronomía. Every year, it seeks to reward those brands of food and beverages that have distinguished themselves in Venezuela, standing out for the innovation, quality and manufacture of their products. “El Gran Tenedor de Oro”, is a renowned award, carrying great prestige in Venezuela; it sets those brands and products apart, at a higher level, where excellence has been achieved.

International Congress of Madrid

Exhibitions, master classes and tastings of rums from around the world. The Madrid Rum Festival is the oldest spirits fair in Spain and therefore one of the most prestigious in Europe, where the top players of the sector meet. For four days, this event brings together the greatest experts in rum and people of great influence in the world of distillates. The festival is an excellent meeting point for professionals in the rum industry to create business opportunities and explore new markets.


A competition that judges three key aspects in a product to determine its excellence: quality, price / value ratio and packaging design. The London Spirits Competition is a contest that seeks to recognize, reward, and help promote brands of spirits that have been created successfully to identify and target a specific segment of alcoholic beverages. Winning a London Spirits Competition medal clearly establishes how well products will be perceived in the market for trading purposes and is a good indicator for stocking up on those products. It will also allow the trade to sell the product to its target consumer with confidence, since they were judged on the merits of value, packaging and quality.


The evaluation process of each sample is one of the most rigorous in existence. The Brussels World Contest is an annual international event, which rewards distilled spirits from the four corners of the globe. Whisky, cognac, brandy, rums, vodkas, gins, pisco, grappa, baijiu, tequilas and more, are evaluated and classified by a panel of world-renowned experts. The contest rigorously chooses distinguished, competent tasters, from all regions of the world to judge the various distillates. In addition, the organization remains permanently involved in the management of the winning samples. Additional analyses are carried out regularly on the spirits deserving the prized medal of the Brussels World Contest. These analyses are designed to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for the award-winning “Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial”. The level of exigency is so elevated, it only tests the best distillates in different categories, in order to award the Grand Gold Medal, the highest award in this contest.

The Global Luxury Masters

The Global Luxury Masters competition has the objective to find and reward the best brands in spirits luxury in the world. In this contest Ron Carúpano was recognized with three gold medals and one silver medal.


A medal in this contest distinguishes us from competitors and places our products at another level. With almost two decades of experience, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) has become one of the most respected distillate competitions in the world, largely in part to its judges, each of them offering a different background and a trusted palate. These experts are one of the reasons why an SFWSC medal indicates the highest level of quality. Winners of the Gold, Double Gold and Premium awards are included in an issue of The Tasting Panel Magazine, reaching more than 90,000 decision makers involved in the beverage trade.

Autumn Tasting

DBSB Autumn Blind Tasting is a competition organized by the editors of The Drink Business and The Spirits Business that celebrates and awards the best brands in spirits in the world. In this contest Ron Carúpano 18 was celebrated with the Master medal, the highest reward in its category, and the rest of the commercial portfolio was awarded with three gold medals.

TAG Global Spirits Awards

The TAG Global Spirits Awards stands as a pinnacle of recognition in the spirits industry, meticulously evaluating and celebrating the finest spirits from across the globe. This esteemed competition attracts renowned experts to form its judging panel, ensuring a rigorous and impartial assessment process.

The Rum and Cachaça Masters

The Rum and Cachaça Masters contest has the objective to find and award the best rum brands and cachaça in the world. In this contest, Ron Carúpano received the Masters medal for Ron Carúpano 21, two gold medals and one silver for the rest of the portfolio.