Ron Carúpano Reserve 1996

Category: Prestige
Presentation: Presentation in crystal bottle of 0.70 liters

An exceptional extra aged treasury rum 40º G.L. (40% Alc. by Vol./ 80° U.S. Proof), doubly aged in sealed white American oak barrels, without replacement of annual angel’s share, sourced from distillate reserves originally barreled in 1996. It has evolved from its conception resulting in an aged rum with unique and unrepeatable sensory attributes and an annual special edition of 5,000 crystal cut decanters with fine casing.


Dark, intense amber coloring, with orange glints, dense and bright.
Caramel notes, amyl, fennel, candied and macerated fruits, almonds, cinnamon, Tonka bean, coconut, cacao nut, cigar box, and roasting smoky notes such as coffee.
Strong in the mouth, elegance, and personality, highlight its perfect balance from the first sip. There is a pleasant taste of toffee, dates and prunes, almonds; the wood flavor intensifies, filling the mouth with a magical balance. Lasting flavor in the mouth.


Drink from a balloon glass dry or with a single ice cube to appreciate its color, aroma, and flavor.


Their unique quality flavors and aromas manage to awaken infinite sensations in those who taste them. Our most extraordinary range of Collectors’ rum, for those who deserve the best and want to ensure that they can offer the very best and most exclusive to the people they love the most. They are ideal for harmonizing with a good tobacco or high quality dark chocolate at the end of a special evening. Best consumed dry or with a single ice cube in a balloon glass. Balloon Glass