Ron Carúpano 6

Category: Standard.
Presentation: Presentation in bottle of 0.75 liters (America)
Presentation: Presentation in bottle of 0.70 liters (Europe) A singular and attractive standard rum 40° G.L (40% Alc. by Vol./ 80° U.S. Proof), aged at length in sealed white American oak barrels without replacement of annual angel’s share and special reserves of up to 6 years of aging.


Beautiful light amber color, with orange glints translucent and bright.
Aromas of alcohol, white flowers, molasses or caramel, saltiness and a touch of wood.
Balanced in the mouth, molasses, raisins, nuts, pleasant salinity, character and average permanence in the palate.


In a long glass, add two measures of Ron Carúpano 6 Reserva Especial, squeeze a slice of lemon and complete with cola. You can also enjoy it with ice and tonic water.


  • The Polished Palate
  • International Rum Conference
  • Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
  • Gran Tenedor de Oro
  • London Spirits Competition
  • The Global Luxury Masters
  • The Drinks Business & The Spirits Business – Autumn Tasting

Enjoy preparing



• 2 oz. Ron Añejo Carúpano Reserva 6 Especial
• Peppermint
• Ginger syrup
• Lemon juice
• Soda


In a highball glass, add peppermint, lemon juice and ginger syrup. With a mortar, press on the leaves without breaking them 4 or 5 times. Add ice and add Ron Añejo Carúpano Reserva 6 Especial. Complete with soda, stir in an upwards motion. Highball glass



• 2 oz. Ron Añejo Carúpano Reserva 6 Especial
• Cola drink
• Lemon juice


In a large glass or highball directly add ice cubes, then pour 2 ounces of Ron Añejo Carúpano Reserva 6 Especial, lemon juice and cola. A slice of lemon is added to decorate the glass. Highball glass