Ron Carúpano XO, a new chapter of innovation and tradition

The new image of Ron Carúpano X.O. will elevate every occasion

Caracas, August 2023. Ron Carúpano continues to take Venezuelan rum to Another Level. As of August 2023, Ron Carúpano X.O.'s new look is being unveiled. Our exquisite rum, combines its traditional liquid with an innovative and evolving image, giving a bold and captivating twist to its history.

Ron Carúpano X.O. represents the fusion of tradition and innovation that has always characterized the brand; it stands out for being the only variant in the portfolio with blends between 18 and 35 years of aging, with Family Antique Reserves and a limited edition of 2,000 decanters per year.

Its new and innovative image, developed by Concepto Studios in the United States, is framed in a finely polished leather-like canister and velvet interior, which from the first look invites you to a sensory experience; an elegant Italian glass bottle and a subtle glass stopper that amplifies this majestic rum. Inspired by its unique production process and its exquisite tasting notes of caramel, brioche, toffee, walnut, and almond. Ron Carúpano X.O. is the next step within the Prestige Collection, consolidating the profile of its consumers as connoisseurs and collectors of the most exclusive products in its category.

“In 2020 we began our path with The Greatness of Evolution, which translated into the new image of our commercial portfolio. In 2022, we continued with A Divine Transformation, presenting the new image of Ron Carúpano Legendario, where we crowned him as king with a new and elegant fortress. Subsequently, we launched to the market Ron Carúpano Reserve 1996 and the gateway to the Collection category, to finally close this Divine Transformation we are presenting the new image of Ron Carúpano X.O., a tribute to Venezuela that pays homage to tradition with a touch of modernity" expressed María Corina Salas, Ron Carúpano’s Marketing Manager.

Looking ahead to the brand's internationalization project, Prestige and Prestige Plus remain vibrant and growing categories around the world, especially in markets where a collector’s class with refined tastes is emerging, where consumers seek heritage spirits, craftmanship, and origin on their journey of seeking self-love and ultimate indulgence. "We trust this trend will continue and, therefore, we believe this is the ideal moment to enhance the role of Ron Carúpano X.O. in the conquest of those consumers who demand high-quality products that deserve the investment and that generate a sensation of success and the desire to be unique”, indicated Lucía Alliegro, Ron Carúpano’s Global Marketing Director.

More than 260 years of Rum Mastery

A demanding context, exceptional microclimate, and pure spring water are some of the elements that differentiate Ron Carúpano from other brands. Those pillars are the foundation of over 260 years of products of the highest quality, where family tradition converges with the wisdom of professionals working hard behind the production of the Best Rum in the World.

Its unique profiles come from the Rum Mastery that lies in the experience of all individuals in Ron Carúpano. The secret is the passion and knowledge of the Quality, Cooperage, Production, and Aging teams, led by a team of Rum Master Blenders, inspired by the daily example and legacy that Carmen López de Bastidas has built, the first female Rum Master Blender in Venezuela.

The new image of Ron Carúpano X.O. will surprise everyone, preparing to be part of the most exclusive moments and celebrations. The product will be available in Venezuela from August 10 and later in more than 30 countries around the world where Ron Carúpano is presently conquering palates.


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