The hacienda is founded in the Macarapana Valley by the Spanish captain Félix del Fierro.


The hacienda is named Altamira, a historical and traditional name that endures to this day.


Ron de Carúpano receives medals and diplomas at the Paris Exhibition.


The legal and historical rights of usage of the spring waters of the Chuare River, in the Macarapana Valley, by the owners of the Hacienda Altamira, are ascertained. The water from this river is still used today, its purity guarantees the quality of Ron Añejo Carúpano’s aged rums.


Destilería Carúpano, C.A. is founded, consolidating the history of Carúpano rums.


Ron Añejo Carúpano Reserva 12 Exclusiva is selected, in a blind tasting event, as the first Venezuelan rum for export to the Mexican market.


The Controlled Designation of Origin “Ron de Venezuela” is created and Ron Añejo Carúpano is one of the brands worthy of such a distinction.


Ron Carúpano receives the gold medal in the International Contest of Alambique de Oro.


The Special Edition Rum segment in Venezuela is consolidated with the market launch of Ron Añejo Carúpano Legendario, from the original batch of barrels assembled in 1983.


Ron Carúpano is awarded the gold medal by The Fifty Best. Ron Añejo Carúpano X.O. is launched onto the market sourced from old family reserves.


Ron Añejo Carúpano receives the recognition “Best Rum in the World” at the International Rum Conference in Madrid.


Ron Añejo Carúpano receives 4 medals at the International Rum Conference in Madrid, three of them ranked in the Super Premium category.


Ron Añejo Carúpano is awarded two Gold medals in the Spirits Selection.


Ron Carúpano Zafra 1991 enters the market. Ron Carúpano receives the Great Gold Medal in the International Spirits Contest in Brussels and becomes the most awarded Venezuelan rum in the Super Premium category in the International Congress in Madrid. Ron Carúpano receives the Gran Tenedor de Oro throughout its product portfolio, given by the Academia Venezolana de Gastronomía.


Ron Añejo Carúpano is awarded with 10 international awards.


Ron Carúpano updates its entire portfolio with a new Another Level image and launches Ron Carúpano 18 Reserva Limitada.


We arrived at 7 new destinations: Spain, Italy, Denmark, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ecuador and Greece.


Ron Carúpano conquers 2 new destinations: Slovakia and Portugal. It celebrates the 32 years of Rum Mastery of Carmen López de Bastidas, the first Rum Master of Venezuela. Launches the great new image of Ron Carúpano Legendario, now presented in a new bottle and case.