Ron Carúpano honors 260 years of tradition and rum mastery by celebrating the anniversary of the first female master blender in Venezuela

Caracas, January 31 2022. Historically recognized as the first rum produced in the country and awarded internationally as the Best Rum in The World, Ron Carúpano is a brand that has set the tone in the spirits industry. However, a very distinctive characteristic by which Ron Carúpano is known for, is its blending process lead by the first female master blender of Venezuela, Carmen López de Bastidas, who has been developing the brand’s profiles for 32 years, and is celebrating her anniversary during the month of January.

Caracas, December 2021 Venezuelan rum is a marvel recognized worldwide and Ron Carúpano has always stood out for its country. Just this year, the brand has won 12 incredible medals that acknowledge the quality of its rum, including the Master recognition at the Autumn Blind Tasting held in London.

An exquisite dark chocolate bar macerated in Ron Carúpano 6 is the result of two brands that pay tribute to Venezuela.

Caracas, October 21. Ron Carúpano is a brand committed to innovation and constantly offers differentiating experiences to all consumers. In 2021, rum and chocolate lovers were surprised by the launching of the Ron Carúpano Chocolate bar, a dark chocolate bar made with a special selection of cocoa from Ocumare and macerated in its renowned Ron Carúpano 6, in alliance with Dacao.

Caracas, Every August 16 is celebrated as the International Rum Day, one of the most consumed liquors in the world, and the favorite of many in the country not only for its delicate notes that form a complete and perfect harmony but also for its significance in the Venezuelan culture.

Ron Carúpano unites Venezuelans and Spaniards by executing a parallel launch in Caracas & Madrid

Caracas, November 10, 2021. Ron Carúpano continues its international expansion. This time the brand is pleased to announce its entrance to Spain by the hand of the distributor Qantima Group, who will be responsible for the distribution and availability of the product in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Canarias, Zaragoza, Alicante, Murcia and Andorra.

Caracas, October 06, 2021 – Ron Carúpano becomes once again a reference of quality and supremacy when its entire portfolio was awarded in this year’s edition of the DB&SB Autumn Blind Tasting, celebrated in London during September 2021. This event is a competition organized by the prestigious publications The Drinks Business and The Spirits Business who joined forces to celebrate and award the best spirits brands in the world for this Autumn Season.

Caracas, August 27TH Ron Carúpano, renowned Venezuelan rum brand, announced the launch of its first NTF. oined by the media, clients and brand ambassadors, the company revealed five bottles of Ron Carúpano Legendario intervened by different Venezuelan plastic artists to be auctioned as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) in the OpenSeas platform, making the rum brand the first one to achieve this in the country’s history.

Caracas, 02 de septiembre. Ron Carúpano once again raises Venezuelan Rum name to Another Level. In this occasion, the brand celebrates three gold and a silver medal in the prestigious contest Luxury Masters from the Global Spirits Masters series, becoming the most awarded Rum Brand in its 2021 contest edition.