Ron Carúpano Reserva Privada

Categoría: Ultra- Premium.
Presentation: Presentation in bottle of 0.75 liters (America)
Presentation: Presentation in bottle of 0.70 liters (Europe)

Authentic 40° G.L. aged rum (40% Alc. by Vol./ 80° U.S. Proof) in a crystal bottle, cork sealed and placed inside a fine case. Matured at length in sealed white American oak barrels with special reserves of up to 21 years of aging.


Dark amber color, gold and orange hints, dense and bright.
Strong and pleasant alcohol sensation, strong scent of macerated red fruits, raisins and dates, coconut, orange peel, tonka beans, wood, dried fruits, cinnamon and mocha.
Thick and strong flavor, complex and elegant, with the memories of macerated fruits, coconut, tobacco and dark chocolate. Long permanence in mouth.


To better appreciate its aroma drink in a short glass, on the rocks with a slice of orange.


• The Polished Palate
• International Rum Conference
• Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
• BCN Rum Congress
• London Spirits Competition
• Gran Tenedor de Oro
• The Global Luxury Masters
• The Drinks Business & The Spirits Business – Autumn Tasting
•San Francisco World Spirits Competition
•TAG Global Spirits Awards
•Travel Retail Masters
•Rum & Cachaca Masters

Enjoy preparing



• 1 oz Ron Añejo Carúpano Reserva 21 Limitada
• 2 oz of J1 (orange juice infused with spices)
• Smoked spices (cinnamon, coffee beans, pepper, among others)


In a table or flame resistant dish, burn your preferred spices (cinnamon, coffee beans, pepper, among others). Place the glass upside down covering them, so that the smoke permeates the inside, turn the right way up and place a whole ice shard in the glass incorporating all the ingredients. Stir and decorate with an orange twist. Old Fashioned Smoked Glass



• 2 oz Ron Añejo Carúpano Reserva 21 Limitada
• ½ tablespoon of sugar loaf (Papelón)
• 1 dash of rosemary bitter
• Tangerine or orange skin
• ½ oz soda


In an old fashioned glass, add sugar loaf (Papelón), bitter and tangerine or orange skin. Add soda and then grind in a mortar, add the ice and measure the rum as described in the recipe. Finally, it should be stirred with a bar spoon and the oil of a citrus peel squeezed into the cocktail, using a lighter to create a flame. Old Fashioned Glass