Ron Carúpano Legendario, a Divine Transformation

The new image of Ron Carúpano Legendario transcends time and Elevates the Occasion

Ron Carúpano continues elevating the Venezuelan Rum to Another Level. As of May 2022, Ron Carúpano Legendario’s new image is available and will remain conquering the world with its exquisite aromas and flavors, now presented in a new bottle and case.

Ron Carúpano Legendario is the icon of excellence and rum mastery. Throughout the history of the brand, this product has always represented impeccable quality, purity and dedication. It is the only Venezuelan Rum in the world single-barrel aged 25 years. Additionally, its exclusivity lies in a yearly small batch production of only 500 numerated crystal decanters, making it a true treasure.

Its new and revolutionized image, developed by Concepto Studios, is engraved in gold molten letters, representing the jewels utilized by the royals; it’s new and suable cap covered in gold, symbolizes the crown of this marvelous liquid; and its fine velvet case in the interior is protected by distinguished varnished wood in the exterior that serves as the fortress that surrounds the most prestigious gem within the Ron Carúpano family.

“In 2020, we began our journey with the Greatness of Evolution, that lead to our commercial portfolio image refreshment. This year we continue with a divine transformation, that gives rise to the new look of Ron Carúpano Legendario, where we crown it as the king and in consequence, built for him the elegant fortress it deserves” expressed Lucia Alliegro, Marketing Director for Ron Carúpano.

Since its birth, Ron Carúpano Legendario has reigned the portfolio of the super-premium Venezuelan rum brand, as the monarch of a family distinguished by tradition and quality. Its nature is proper of the gods of rum as they have rested undisturbed alongside this elixir for 25 years, creating a history that transcends and elevates its meaning as the Best Rum in the World. This new image is the result of a legendary mixture that leaves a mark in the history of rum tradition.

At Ron Carúpano we continue adding years to our story

Awarded as the Best Rum in the World, Ron Carúpano is the Premium Rum of Venezuela for more than its 260 years of tradition. A demanding context, an exceptional microclimate, long periods of sugar cane alcohol aging, pure spring water and over 260 years of blending mastery are the elements that differentiate Ron Carúpano from other brands in the market. Its uniqueness relies on the hands of their Master Blender, Carmen López de Bastidas, the first certified female Master Blender in Venezuela, who has been, for the past 32 years, passionately developing the exquisite profiles of their unique rums portfolio. Ron Carúpano is a brand interested in creating different and innovative experiences for its consumers, experiences that will "Elevate the Occasion", because when you share a Ron Carúpano with friends and family any occasion stands out from what is ordinary and rises up to a whole new level. For more information, visit

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