Ron Carúpano honors Venezuela with more than 50 medals for Venezuelan Rum.

Caracas, December 2021 Venezuelan rum is a marvel recognized worldwide and Ron Carúpano has always stood out for its country. Just this year, the brand has won 12 incredible medals that acknowledge the quality of its rum, including the Master recognition at the Autumn Blind Tasting held in London.

No international competition resists Venezuelan rums. Thanks to their quality, the country has distinguished itself from others in numerous contests with a great panel of rum tasters of the world for its excellence and flavor. Ron Carúpano is one of the leading exponents of rum in the country and proved it by winning 12 international medals just this year, which demonstrated that doing something with passion always turns out in extraordinary results.

Ron Carúpano 18 was recognized in all three competitions held in the city of London: London Spirits Competition celebrated in March, The Luxury Masters in August and the DB&SB Autumn Blind Tasting held in September where it achieved the highest recognition possible in only its first year in the market. Venezuela is proud of Ron Carúpano, which obtained these distinguished recognitions and continues to consecrate it as the Best Rum in the world

Conquering new palates

Ron Carúpano not only won over the most demanding judges, 2021 was also an important year for the brand's international expansion. This year Ron Carúpano sealed its entry into important international markets such as Denmark, Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Italy, and Ecuador. The International distributors have become fundamental pillars to generate strong alliances that pave the brand´s way towards it´s settlement in the market as one of the leading Venezuelan Rums within the category. Ron Carúpano looks for partners that share their values, as a result, the company participated in different innovation projects in Europe such as NIO Cocktails and the sampling box “24 Days of Rum”, elevating our consumer´s experiences to another level.

Everything made with passion and dedication is worthy of recognition. The Ron Carúpano family once again strengthens its belonging to the elite of the most outstanding rums in the world and reaffirms itself as an inescapable reference of quality products, excellence, and Venezuelan pride.

About Ron Carúpano

Awarded as the Best Rum in the World, Ron Carúpano is the Premium Rum of Venezuela for more than its 250 years of tradition. A demanding context, an exceptional microclimate, long periods of sugar cane alcohol aging, pure spring water and over 250 years of blending mastery are the elements that differentiate Ron Carúpano from other brands in the market. Its uniqueness relies on the hands of their Master Blender, Carmen López de Bastidas, the first and only certified female Master Blender in Venezuela, who has been, for the past 30 years, passionately developing the exquisite profiles of their unique rums portfolio. Ron Carúpano is a brand interested in creating different and innovative experiences for its consumers, experiences that will "Elevate the Occasion", because when you share a Ron Carúpano with friends and family any occasion stands out from what is ordinary and rises up to a whole new level. For more information, visit

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