Carmen López de Bastidas, 32 years creating the Best Rum in the World

Ron Carúpano honors 260 years of tradition and rum mastery by celebrating the anniversary of the first female master blender in Venezuela

Caracas, January 31 2022. Historically recognized as the first rum produced in the country and awarded internationally as the Best Rum in The World, Ron Carúpano is a brand that has set the tone in the spirits industry. However, a very distinctive characteristic by which Ron Carúpano is known for, is its blending process lead by the first female master blender of Venezuela, Carmen López de Bastidas, who has been developing the brand’s profiles for 32 years, and is celebrating her anniversary during the month of January.

Carmen López de Bastidas began her career at Ron Carúpano in 1990, when she returned to her hometown (Carúpano, Venezuela) after studying Chemistry in the capital city. Upon her return Carmen reconvenes with her friend and mentor Dr. Giancarlo Mazzochi, who recommends her for an opening position at the local rum manufacturer Destilería Carúpano, house of Ron Carúpano, where she fills the position of Quality Control Specialist.

With a professional background on Chemistry and a personal passion for nature, Carmen became mesmerized by the rum production process and felt an immediate connection, “When I experienced how a barrel was emptied, and the golden waterfall gave me those rich perfumes and aromas, my heart was stolen I felt rum itself welcomed me to its world” the Master Blender remembers.

After creating and standardizing the characteristic formulas of Ron Carúpano she became the first certified female master blender in the country and venturing in a world that was traditionally thought to be for men definitely broke the stereotype. In her own words, being a master blender means “having the capacity, the taste, and olfactory sensitivity as well as the dedication to know how to mix different types of rums with different aging vintages to create extraordinary products that elevate every occasion in life”.

This month, marks the Master Blender’s 32nd anniversary with the company, translated into more than 50 awards for Ron Carúpano’s portfolio and presence in 30 countries where the Best Rum in the World can be enjoyed.

This brand represents tradition, culture and Venezuelan rum pride. More than 260 years of rum mastery have written a story that fills the industry with motivation, and allows Ron Carúpano to continue its international spread. Ron Carúpano, offers a super premium rum thanks to the work and dedication of Carmen López de Bastidas who remains leading the blending process of the portfolio, and is the responsible for allowing Ron Carúpano to be the brand where innovation and tradition meet hand in hand.

About Ron Carúpano

Awarded as the Best Rum in the World, Ron Carúpano is the Premium Rum of Venezuela for more than its 260 years of tradition. A demanding context, an exceptional microclimate, long periods of sugar cane alcohol aging, pure spring water and experience in blending mastery are the elements that differentiate Ron Carúpano from other brands in the market. Its uniqueness relies on the hands of their Master Blender, Carmen López de Bastidas, the first certified female Master Blender in Venezuela, who has been, for the past 32 years, passionately developing the exquisite profiles of their unique rums portfolio. Ron Carúpano is a brand interested in creating different and innovative experiences for its consumers, experiences that will "Elevate the Occasion", because when you share a Ron Carúpano with friends and family any occasion stands out from what is ordinary and rises up to a whole new level. For more information, visit

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