Ron Carúpano and Dacao come together to create a Chocolate to Elevate the Occasion

An exquisite dark chocolate bar macerated in Ron Carúpano 6 is the result of two brands that pay tribute to Venezuela.

Caracas, October 21. Ron Carúpano is a brand committed to innovation and constantly offers differentiating experiences to all consumers. In 2021, rum and chocolate lovers were surprised by the launching of the Ron Carúpano Chocolate bar, a dark chocolate bar made with a special selection of cocoa from Ocumare and macerated in its renowned Ron Carúpano 6, in alliance with Dacao.

The chocolate bar is presented in a unique packaging, with bright colors and elements that represent them, such as the barrels where Ron Carúpano is aged and the sun on the coast of Ocumare, where the cocoa comes from, thus creating a product that pays tribute to Venezuela and to two emblematic fruits of our land, rum and chocolate.

The new Ron Carúpano Chocolate is an unctuous bar with extraordinary aromas of caramel, nuts, and a hint of liquor. It offers a taste of controlled sweetness, starting with the maceration liquor and ending with a deliciously bitter touch. María Corina Salas, Ron Carúpano’s Brand Manager, states that "After several months of work and tests, we were able to obtain a differentiated and extraordinary product. Ron Carúpano Chocolate is a delicacy that will Elevate the Occasion of everyone who tastes it. This is definitely a tribute to Venezuela and we are very proud to present it".

The amalgamation of Dacao and Ron Carúpano reaches a perfect harmony, they are united by tradition, family values, and above all by the love for Venezuela. Dacao is a family-owned company, who carefully selects cocoa beans from the family farms located in Cata, Ocumare and Cuyagua in the Central Coast of Venezuela, for the elaboration of each one of its products. These beans are worked in Caracas, the roasting, shelling, maceration, refining and tempering processes are carried out in the capital city, which is why all its chocolate bars have the characteristic landscape of the Cerro Ávila.

"As a brand, we see alliances as long-term relationships, therefore we are committed to working with brands that share our values and, above all, the love for our country. For that reason, with Dacao we feel like family and we are very enthusiastic about what we can continue to create together," said Salas.

This chocolate bar can be found in 9 sale points in Caracas. For more information, visit @roncarupano and @dacaochocolate.

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