Ron Carúpano Reserva Exclusiva

Category: Premium.
Presentation: Presentation in bottle of 0.75 liters (America).
Presentation: Presentation in bottle of 0.70 liters (Europe)
An intriguing premium rum 40° G.L (40% Alc. by Vol./ 80° U.S. Proof) aged at length in sealed white American oak barrels without replacement of annual angel’s share and special reserves of up to 12 years of aging.


Beautiful amber color with orange glints, translucent and bright.
Sophisticated alcohol aromas, red flowers, molasses or caramel, honey, maple, plum, cinnamon and cloves, saltiness and damp wood.
Unctuous in the mouth, elegant memories of maple and prunes, quince, medium to long permanence in the palate, balanced and delicious.


To emphasize its softness and taste, drink in a short glass on the rocks, or in a long glass with mineral water, soda, tonic water and lemon peel.


  • Beverage Testing Institute
  • The Polished Palate
  • International Rum Conference
  • The Fifty Best
  • Gran Tenedor de Oro
  • London Spirits Competition
  • The Global Luxury Masters
  • The Drinks Business & The Spirits Business – Autumn Tasting

Enjoy preparing



• 2 oz Ron Carúpano Reserva Exclusiva
• 2 tablespoons of passion fruit pulp
• ½ oz lemon syrup
• 2 oz soda


Shake the ingredients, without the soda, in a cocktail shaker. Then serve in a highball glass. Add soda and decorate with lemon peel and passion fruit.



• 2 oz Ron Carúpano Reserva Exclusiva
• 2 ½ of Sweet and Sour mix (orange, lemon and sugar)
• Soda or lemon soda


In a cocktail shaker, add the ingredients and ice. Cover and shake vigorously, then serve in a highball glass with ice. Complete with soda or lemon soda and decorate with an orange half-moon slice. Highball glass