Solera Catatumbo

On a special occasion, a toast with Ron Añejo Carúpano Reserva 21 Limitada on the rocks sounds good, but add a touch of orange and sugar loaf (Papelón), for a new experience of delight and enjoyment.


• 2 oz Ron Añejo Carúpano Reserva 21 Limitada
• ½ tablespoon of sugar loaf (Papelón)
• 1 dash of rosemary bitter
• Tangerine or orange skin
• ½ oz soda


In an old fashioned glass, add sugar loaf (Papelón), bitter and tangerine or orange skin. Add soda and then grind in a mortar, add the ice and measure the rum as described in the recipe. Finally, it should be stirred with a bar spoon and the oil of a citrus peel squeezed into the cocktail, using a lighter to create a flame. Old Fashioned Glass