Ron Carúpano triumphs as the most awarded rum brand in the Luxury Masters 2021

Caracas, 02 de septiembre. Ron Carúpano once again raises Venezuelan Rum name to Another Level. In this occasion, the brand celebrates three gold and a silver medal in the prestigious contest Luxury Masters from the Global Spirits Masters series, becoming the most awarded Rum Brand in its 2021 contest edition.

On September 1st, the results of the competition became public. More than 30 global companies participated including Ron Carúpano that was measured against recognized worldwide brand such as Ron Zacapa.

"We are very proud of the participation and the result of Ron Carúpano´ s commercial portfolio”, affirmed Lucia Alliegro, Marketing Director for Ron Carúpano. “It is an honor for us, to raise the name of our country and industry to the highest levels, this four new prizes are translated into a recognition to the quality of our product and Appellation of Origin “Ron de Venezuela” stressed Alliegro

Luxury Masters, is a competition that recognizes the best spirits brands globally. It is backed by the distinguished media publication The Spirits Business and assessed by a specialist panel that is focused on evaluating the correlation of flavor, price and luxury experience offered to the spirits consumer.

The commercial portfolio of Ron Carúpano was distinguished for the excellent aromas pallet and flavors that characterize the brand. In the evaluation, the panel highlighted the flavors of vanilla and toffee of Ron Carúpano 6 and the “burned toffee” and tropical fruit flavor of Ron Carúpano 12 alongside its balance in palate. For Ron Carúpano 18 and Ron Carúpano 21, flavors of toasted wood, tropical fruit and alcoholic punch subtlety, stood out according to the judges.

With this four medals, Ron Carúpano adds to its more than 50 award winning trajectory along the years. Among them, the recognition as Best Rum in the World in the International Congress of Madrid in 2014. “This awards fill us with a lot of pride, it is an honor to represent Venezuelan Rum and have the opportunity of reaching all the corners in the world” Affirmed Lucia Alliegro.

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