Ron Carúpano, the only Venezuelan Brand awarded with 5 medals in the London Spirits Competition 2020

When passion and quality are the driving force, the results are invaluable

Caracas, julio 2020. Venezuela continues to be placed at the top thanks to the quality of its products, this time Ron Carúpano elevates the name of our country, receiving five of the six medals awarded to Venezuelan rums during the prestigious London Spirits Competition, held on July 6 in the city of London.

Despite of the uncertain moments, the brand keeps betting on growth and that is why Ron Carúpano continues to bring good news in times of transformation, once again exalting the name of Venezuela in the entire world with awards that elevate the occasion and adding up to date more than 55 recognitions, which proudly celebrate a unique and internationally renowned rum.

On this occasion the London Spirits Competition was the perfect setting to recognize, reward and promote liquor brands that have been successfully created to identify and target a specific consumer. Quality, value for money and appearance are the main attributes to evaluate in such ponderable competition, that is why Ron Carúpano never ceases to amaze us and stands out with a path full of triumphs and invaluable learning.

During the competition, Ron Carúpano’s portfolio was awarded four silver medals and one bronze medal, a gratifying sum of prizes that once again position such a recognized Venezuelan brand in the world.

London Spirits Competitions a hallmark of value that lasts over time.

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