Ron Carúpano Super Premium Venezuelan Rum launches in Europe

The local craftsmanship that marks Ron Carúpano as a Venezuelan Rum milestone expands to Europe by the hand of Danish Spirits Importer JUUL´S ENGROS during the first trimester of 2021

Caracas, Venezuela- March 24TH 2021.Effective immediately, Ron Carúpano, the super-premium Venezuelan rum brand by excellence, enters the European market and appoints Danish spirits importer JUUL’S ENGROS as its logistical hub and partner. Ron Carúpano, pioneering brand in Venezuelan’s rum manufacturing industry will be available in key European markets with their portfolio of pure unaltered aged rums.

Ron Carúpano is synonym of heritage and first-rate rum in Venezuela: a multi-award-winning brand that has built over 250 years of rum mastery and legacy. Their story started in 1762 when Spanish descent, Captain Felix del Fierro fell in love with the Old Hacienda Altamira in the emblematic town of Carúpano and installed his millenary rum tradition where today Ron Carúpano’s manufacturing facilities are located.

“Ron Carúpano is unique crafted and that is what makes us different in the Venezuelan rum offer” says Lucía Alliegro, Marketing Director of Destilería Carúpano. “Our rums are not only crafted by the hands of the only female Master Blender in Venezuela, Carmen López de Bastidas, but we also have four elements that differentiate us: pure spring water use to elaborate our rums, a demanding Venezuelan regulation that constantly elevates the standards of rum manufacture, an exceptional Caribbean microclimate and a terroir that gives us a perfect environment for optimal aging and more than 250 years of rum mastery that relies in our history”, she concludes.

Venezuelan rums have their own appellation of origin, DOC (Denominación de Origen Controlada), which highlights the strong heritage in their rum-making history and the fusion of a series of environmental and human elements inherent to the country that enhance and define the unique profiles of Ron Carúpano.

The portfolio of products available in Europe includes the Ron Añejo commercial line of products Reserva 6 Especial, Reserva 12 Exclusiva, Reserva 18 Limitada, Reserva 21 Privada and from our Prestige Collection, Ron Carúpano Legendario, the only rum in Venezuela with singe barrel 25-year-old reserves. “We create moments That Elevate the Occasion, Ron Carúpano is the perfect companion to different stages of your life, to celebrate your college graduation, your marriage or that promotion that you worked so hard for” says Alliegro. Ron Carúpano is the 4th best-selling rum in Venezuela and intends to share its magnificent culture and mastery across Europe in 2021.

“Ron Carúpano brings to the European market an alternative to sweeter Latin American rums as the entire portfolio marks less than 2grs/L of sugars, integrating perfectly the recent European legislation about rum adulteration” says Philip Gillier, European Export Manager for Ron Carúpano. “Carúpano embodies an authentic and traditional rum philosophy coming from the Venezuelan side of the Caribbean and offers beautiful possibilities both for end consumers and bartenders alike”, he concludes.

Philip Gillier
European Export Manager
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+33 780 32 78 66

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About Ron Carúpano
Ron Carúpano is the Premium Rum of Venezuela for more than its 250 years of tradition. Ron Carúpano is a brand interested in creating different and innovative experiences for its consumers, experiences that will “Elevate the Occasion”, because when you share a Ron Carúpano with friends and family any occasion stands out from what is ordinary and rises up to a whole new level. For more information, visit

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