Ron Carúpano reaches the maximum recognition in its category during the DB&SB Autumn Blind Tasting 2021

Caracas, October 06, 2021 – Ron Carúpano becomes once again a reference of quality and supremacy when its entire portfolio was awarded in this year’s edition of the DB&SB Autumn Blind Tasting, celebrated in London during September 2021. This event is a competition organized by the prestigious publications The Drinks Business and The Spirits Business who joined forces to celebrate and award the best spirits brands in the world for this Autumn Season.

More than 50 global brands were blind tasted and evaluated by a panel of industry leaders and experts such as master sommeliers, mixologists and editors of renowned bar and beverage publications. They were responsible for tasting and analyzing the participant brands granting awards to those who stood out.

In the gold rum category, Ron Carúpano, who faced competitors such as Havana Club, received 4 out of the 6 medals awarded. Among those, Ron Carúpano 18 Limited Reserve collected a Master medal, the highest award granted, for its “silky texture, dry elements, and nice spice” according to the judges. Three gold medals were awarded to the rest of the commercial portfolio: Ron Carúpano 6 Special Reserve, Ron Carúpano 12 Exclusive Reserve and Ron Carúpano 21 Private Reserve.

“At Ron Carúpano, we are really proud of our performance in this important international competition” commented Lucía Alliegro, Marketing Director. “We are really glad that Ron Carúpano 18 secured the Master Medal, this product was just released in 2020 and it is already adding medals to its name, building upon our globalization process while conquering palates around the world.”, affirmed.
In 2021, Ron Carúpano added more than 10 new medals to its record. Fact that translated into the triumph of the Venezuelan Rum in international arenas and the recognition of the quality characteristic of Ron Carúpano.
“The industry and society in general, has experimented a very challenging year nationally and internationally. However, with pride and joy we can say that we closed this year looking ahead. What we have experimented is a demonstration of our commitment to offer our consumers the highest quality products to elevate each moment of their lives into #AnotherLevel” affirmed Alliegro.

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