Ron Carúpano leading brand of the Prestige category in Venezuela

Caracas, November 2022. Prestige and exclusivity, two words that define the essence of Ron Carúpano, elevate it to Another Level and reaffirm its position as the rum of choice for those seeking to treat themselves to a sublime moment. According to the International Wine and Spirits organization, IWSR, Ron Carúpano was positioned as the leading brand in the Prestige and Prestige-Plus categories in Venezuela, leading the lists with its products of the Collector’s line.

IWSR is the leading source of data and intelligence on the global alcohol beverage market, providing information on consumption and the latest trends from leading international wine, spirits, beer and other distilled spirits companies.

The Prestige segment, according to IWSR, is made up of national brands such as Ron Carúpano Zafra, Ron Carúpano X.O. and international products such as Ron Zacapa X.O. Within the category, Ron Carúpano remains the brand with the highest consumption among Venezuelans, leading the list with two of its presentations from the Collector’s line: Ron Carúpano Zafra and Ron Carúpano X.O.

The Prestige-Plus category encompasses the luxury and exclusive products of rum brands that are accompanied by the highest price bands, according to IWSR categorization. This niche had a growth rate of 450% in the period of 2020-2021 and projects a consumption growth of 17% in the period from 2021 to 2026, and among the products it comprises are Ron Carúpano Legendario and Ron Diplomático Ambassador, being Ron Carúpano Legendario, the product that presented more sales in 2021, covering more than 80% of the total growth of the category.

"Ron Carúpano is the home of the Best Rum in the World, a title we hold thanks to a product that is the epitome of elegance, luxury and aspiration, such as Ron Carúpano Legendario, which has brought joy and pride to our brand, as well as to all Venezuelan rum. Being at the top of this list shows us that Ron Carúpano Legendario is a product born to set the standard in the world of luxury liqueurs", said Lucía Alliegro, Marketing Director of Ron Carúpano.

Prestige and exclusivity were the hallmarks that Ron Carúpano carried with pride during 2022. This year, the king of the portfolio, Ron Carúpano Legendario underwent a Divine Transformation, presenting its new image, which elevated its value and presence to Another Level. The category also welcomed a new member, Ron Carúpano Reserve 1996, which joined the portfolio as the evolution of Ron Carúpano Zafra and which, alongside its cutting-edge image, will fascinate all those who want to get started in the world of Prestige.

"In Ron Carúpano we seek to offer our consumers products of the highest quality and the numbers reflect that we are more than achieving our goals. A brand with 260 years of Rum Mastery, which translates not only into tradition, but also into resilience of knowledge, expertise and above all a constant commitment to Venezuelan rum," said Alliegro.

Ron Carúpano continues to reap merits that exalt its high quality, as a brand dedicated to evolve at every step, having as its goal to increase its production capacity to satisfy both the domestic and international markets.

Ron Carúpano recognized by Forbes Magazine

Last March, Ron Carúpano's entire commercial portfolio was awarded and recognized by the judges of the Rum & Cachaca Masters 2022 competition, especially Ron Carúpano 21, which won the Master medal in the Ultra-Premium category, the highest recognition awarded in this competition.

The prestigious Forbes magazine highlighted Ron Carúpano 21 as an exceptional rum in its most recent review of the Rum & Cachaca Masters 2022. In its article, the U.S. magazine reviewed the best rums of the competition, with special emphasis on Ron Carúpano 21, which was distinguished for its aromatic profile, its notes of fruits, caramel, and chocolate.

Everything that is done with passion and dedication is worthy of recognition and the Ron Carúpano family once again strengthens its belonging to the elite of the most outstanding rums in the world, and reaffirms itself as an inescapable reference of quality products, excellence and Venezuelan pride.

About Ron Carúpano

Awarded as the best rum in the world, Ron Carúpano is recognized as one of Venezuela's premium rums for its 260 years of tradition. The country's demanding regulations, an exceptional microclimate, long aging periods and pure spring water, together with a long history of rum mastery, are the elements that differentiate Ron Carúpano from other brands. Its unique profiles are the work of Carmen López de Bastidas, Venezuela's first certified master rum maker, who has worked tirelessly for the past 32 years to develop the exquisite rums that comprise the brand's portfolio. Ron Carúpano is a brand dedicated to creating experiences that elevate occasions to another level.

For more information visit and @roncarupano @rumcarupano on Instagram.

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