Ron Carúpano conquers new territories with its arrival in Germany

Ron Carúpano introduces its praised aged rums in Germany, thus adding a new country to the more than 30 foreign territories where the brand is present.

Caracas, September 2022. Ron Carúpano announces the brand's entry into the German market, through SPRITHÖKER, a distribution company with more than 20 years of experience in the international spirits business. The demanding German palates will be able to taste and enjoy the commercial portfolio of Ron Carúpano, which will begin with a presence in the cities of Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt.

“The German market is a strategic point for our brand, due to the trend towards “premiumisation” in the consumption of spirits that has been experienced in recent years, which makes it fully compatible with who we are and what we preach. We are happy to team up with SPRITHÖKER and have them as our new partners guiding our way in Germany.” Affirms Carla Escalona, ​​ Ron Carúpano’s Head of the International Business.

The launch of Ron Carúpano in Germany translates not only into the growth of a brand that has elevated the name of the country, both with its awards that have praised Venezuelan rum, but also expanding the name of a traditional brand, quality and above all synonymous of Venezuela.

“At Ron Carúpano we feel very proud to continue growing and reaching new horizons, to bring the greatness of Venezuelan rum to more corners of the world and thus elevate the name of Venezuela. In 2022, we have reached new markets, and launching our brand in Germany is the perfect reason to toast to conquering new palates that today seek to drink better instead of more”, said Lucía Alliegro, Marketing Director of Ron Carúpano.

J.-Michael Meier, co-founder and CEO of SPRITHÖKER stated "We are very happy with the exclusive and long-term alliance with Ron Carúpano, the oldest rum in Venezuela. Its different presentations convinced us 100% from the first tasting and we are sure that we can offer our customers added value with the launch of the Ron Carúpano product portfolio in Germany".

"Unlike many other rum competitors who have to change their recipe and/or labels due to the 20g sugar limit by the end of the year, we continue to work with the 260-year-old original recipe. Germany can really look forward to a fantastic rum brand. Forbes Magazine recently named Ron Carúpano 21 Private Reserve the #1 spirit in the Ultra-Premium category - this was, by far, not the first award and certainly not the last." added Sven Köcher, also co-founder and CEO of SPRITHÖKER.

The brand is committed to being part of the important moments in the lives of its consumers. Whatever stage of their lives are, Ron Carúpano will be there to elevate the occasion, from a graduation, a wedding or a well-deserved promotion, Ron Carúpano is more than its products, it is a way of being.


It is a company dedicated to the import, marketing and distribution of spirits in Germany. They have a broad portfolio of Premium and Super-Premium international brands which they have consolidated in the most important spirits market in the world. They have more than 20 years of experience in the international spirits business (sales/marketing/gastronomy). Its exclusive portfolio continues to grow and includes products from all continents, such as Italian limoncello and amaro, New Zealand gin, and Venezuelan rum, category leading products that are outstanding in terms of quality and taste.

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About Ron Carúpano

Awarded as the best Rum in the World, Ron Carúpano is recognized as one of the Premium rums of Venezuela for its 260 years of tradition. Demanding country regulations, an exceptional microclimate, long periods of aging and pure spring water together with the extensive experience of rum mastery, are the elements that differentiate Ron Carúpano from other brands. Their unique profiles are the work of Carmen López de Bastidas, Venezuela's first certified master rum blender, who has worked tirelessly for the past 32 years to develop the exquisite rums that comprise the brand's portfolio. Ron Carúpano is a brand dedicated to creating experiences that take occasions to another level.

For more information visit and @roncarupano @rumcarupano on Instagram.

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