Ron Carúpano conquers new horizons with its introduction to the French Market

Ron Carúpano introduces its awarded aged rums to France in alliance with Vintage Spirits Garage, the recognized premium liquor distributor in Paris.

Caracas, July 14th. In an emblematic date as it is the French Independence Day. Today Ron Carúpano announces its brand introduction to the French market by the hand if of its new commercial ally Vintage Spirits Garage, who will be responsible for the countrywide distribution. The French fine palates will be able to taste and enjoy Ron Carúpano´s Portfolio mainly in the cities of Paris, Lyon, Brest, Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Nantes.

“The French market is a strategic location for our brand, it is its culture and history related to sophistication, elegance and tradition of the most refined palates what makes it totally compatible with what we are and what we preach. We are happy to team up with Vintage Spirits Garage and that they have become our new partners guiding our path in France”. Says Carla Escalona, Head of International Business for Ron Carúpano.

The arrival to this market, also gave the opportunity for strengthening the bonds between Ron Carúpano and the French Embassy in Venezuela. In the spirit of this achievement and the celebration of Ron Carúpano´s portfolio introduction to France, a private encounter was held between the French Ambassador in Venezuela, Romain Nadal and Ron Carúpano´s Vice President, Guillermo Cárdenas.

In the encounter, they discussed about the bonds that have historically joined both nations, highlighting the French roots that lie underneath Sucre State, where the manufacturing plant of Ron Carúpano is located. Additionally, the support that the French Embassy has given to the Paria Project through which the development of agriculture and social development has been enhanced, was recognized. The company, Ron Carúpano, joined to collaborate in this project by executing a donation.

The launch of Ron Carúpano in France is translated to the growth of a brand that keeps stepping up to represent the best attributes of our country, not only through its awards that have given prestige to Venezuelan rum but with the expansion of a brand of tradition and quality, all synonyms of Venezuela.

“In Ron Carúpano, we are very proud to keep expanding and reaching new horizons, we are happy to deliver the greatness of Venezuelan Rum to more corners in the world and highlight Venezuela´s name. In 2021, we have arrived to new markets, today we celebrate that the French market opens us its doors and we toast together for conquering the most refined palates and one of the most influential markets in terms of Premium Rums” affirms Lucía Alliegro, Marketing Director for Ron Carúpano.

The brand is committed to being part of the most important moments on the lives of its consumers. Whichever the stage of their lives, Ron Carúpano will be there to elevate the occasion, from a toast to celebrate a graduation, a wedding or a well-deserved job promotion, Ron Carúpano is more than its products, it is a lifestyle.

About Vintage Spirits Garage.

Company dedicated to seeking liquors with history. Liquors that connect stories and within its CEO and founder, Thierry Richard, they welcome Carúpano´s portfolio to France, prepared to captivate all those who would like to taste our products. This company has a renowned path in the spirits world and manages recognized brands such as: Paranubes Rum, Duppy Share, Tiki Lovers, Ron Colon, Calle 23, Fortaleza, Helsinki Distilling Company, J Gasco, Biiter Truth, Dolin, Quaglia, among others.

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About Ron Carúpano

Awarded as the Best Rum in the World, Ron Carúpano is the Premium Rum of Venezuela for more than its 250 years of tradition. A demanding context, an exceptional microclimate, long periods of sugar cane alcohol aging, pure spring water and over 250 years of blending mastery are the elements that differentiate Ron Carúpano from other brands in the market. Its uniqueness relies on the hands of their Master Blender, Carmen López de Bastidas, the first and only certified female Master Blender in Venezuela, who has been, for the past 30 years, passionately developing the exquisite profiles of their unique rums portfolio. Ron Carúpano is a brand interested in creating different and innovative experiences for its consumers, experiences that will "Elevate the Occasion", because when you share a Ron Carúpano with friends and family any occasion stands out from what is ordinary and rises up to a whole new level. For more information, visit

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