Caracas, Every August 16 is celebrated as the International Rum Day, one of the most consumed liquors in the world, and the favorite of many in the country not only for its delicate notes that form a complete and perfect harmony but also for its significance in the Venezuelan culture.

To celebrate this important day in the rum industry in Venezuela and the world, Ron Carúpano invites you to connect with its roots through a video made to celebrate its rum mastery, the unique elements that are part of its exquisite rums, and the set of components that create a wonderful experience. Ron Carúpano is a brand that is here to stay in the consumer's palate through its appetizing taste, flavors, aromas, sights, sensations, and textures.

The video "Connect with our roots" is available on all the brand's digital platforms, its YouTube channel, and social networks, perfect scenarios to show its more than 250 years of history and tradition. The flavor of an effort that lasts over time, the sensitivity of the aroma, the purity of the land on the coast of Sucre facing the Caribbean Sea, that constructs unique elements that together provide a sublime experience.

Venezuela stands out for its quality, the delicate production processes, and the international awards that recognize the work that a brand like Ron Carúpano does to have a rum that #ElevateTheOccasion. Ron Carúpano is proud to represent a country like Venezuela in front of the rest of the world and demonstrate every day that each product in its portfolio offers you a unique experience, with the highest quality and the true flavor of the true Venezuelan rum.

Throughout the Americas and other countries of the world, this prestigious beverage is celebrated as the great distillate that it is.

Let's raise our glasses, and toast together to the best Rum in the World: "Cheers!"

To enjoy the video, click here:

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