Pure spring water

The water used in the Ron Carúpano products comes from deep springs, guaranteeing the greatest degree of purity.

A demanding environment

strict relations and competitive market results in constant product improvement and innovation. In Venezuela, there are many high quality rum brands recognized by the AOC, elevating the standards of rum manufacture to the highest levels, compelling Ron Carúpano to create better products that continue to inspire and conquer the refined palate of the Venezuelan consumer.

An exceptional microclimate

Ron Carupano’s manufacturing plant in the Hacienda Altamira in the Valley of Macarapana-Carúpano lies at sea level and benefits from high humidity and fluctuating temperatures produced by the wind patterns of the Caribbean Sea, accelerating the aging process of the rums, optimizing and intensifying the flavors and aromas.

More than 250 years of Rum Mastery

Our ability to produce an ample variety of distilled liquors in a standardized manner with subtle grades of differentiation within the same category and across many categories has allowed us to identify differences in each product that are attractive to the most demanding tastes. We combine this forte with sensorial evaluations and consumer feedback to offer attractive brands in enthralling bottles with authentic quality in every product.


The rums produced in Venezuela differ from rums of other countries because they are influenced by the magnificent natural richness of the region. The rums possess natural attributes which result in the fusion of a series of environmental elements unique to the country and Carúpano:

The high level of sucrose

Present in the sugar cane used as raw material results in high quality molasses.

The tropical climate

With high temperatures during the day and low temperatures during the night coupled with high humidity, catalyzes the aging process and the chemical interaction between the white oak barrels and the alcohol stored within. These conditions accelerate the aging process up to three times the rate achieved in other countries.

Beverages called “rum” must be aged for at least two years in closed

American white oak barrels or casks. The aging must be done in closed barrels, meaning that the loss from evaporation cannot be refilled. This results in the highest quality aged rum with a color, aroma, viscosity, and flavor that is unique to Venezuela. The final product must be a minimum of 40 percent alcohol by volume or 80 proof.


Ron Carúpano has agreed as a Strategic Objective, the development, implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System based on the guidelines of ISO 9001:2008, a set of rules for quality and management. The ISO 9001 Policy has been prepared by the ISO/TC176 Technical Committee of ISO International Organization for Standardization and specifies the requirements for a good quality management system. In Ron Carúpano we are committed to improving our way of working, which means an increase in our clients and managing the risk in the best possible way, reducing costs and improving the quality of the service offered. The management of our quality system provides the framework needed to monitor and improve production at work.


• To Establish an organization focused on total internal and external customer satisfaction.
• To develop an approach based exclusively on processes and interactions.
• To stimulate the continuous improvement of the quality of the products and services offered.
• To define the duties of the staff, with their full participation and integration for harmonious work.
• To ensure achievement of objectives in compliance with current laws and regulations.
• To reach a mutually beneficial relationship with the provider.


At Ron Carúpano, C.A. we are dedicated to the aging of distillates, manufacturing, packaging and marketing of our own and third-party brand alcoholic beverages, to meet our clients expectations and our own requirements of excellent quality standards. We exercise this responsibility together with a competent human resource, an adequate physical infrastructure and work environment, complying with internally approved procedures and current legal regulations. Likewise, we encourage the continuous improvement of our processes through periodic reviews of the Quality Management System implemented by the company.